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Dental Health Coverage

Coquitlam Altitude Dental

Dental health coverage is based upon the contract made between your employer or you and the insurance provider. At Altitude Dental, our dental services are focused on treating you, not your insurance: we base your oral hygiene care routine and dental treatment upon your dental needs.

We understand how important insurance coverage is and we try our hardest on your behalf to receive the full financial coverage of your dental treatment from your insurance plan.

If you need information regarding your policy, we will contact your insurance company on your behalf. It is your responsibility as our patient to provide us with correct insurance information. Please note that certain insurance companies may not give our office information regarding policies, this is covered under the Policyholders Privacy Act.

As a courtesy, our office will receive payment from your insurance company as an assignment of benefits. Co-payments or deductibles will be collected at the date of your treatment. Certain insurance providers and dental health plans may follow different fee schedules which means that they may not cover the exact or full cost of a procedure.

We try our best to have your insurance company commit to the price that they have stated but sometimes they choose not to cover a procedure, even after they have given pre-approval. Any costs not covered by your dental insurance after we have received reimbursement will be forwarded to you or the account holder.

Some insurance companies have policies that do not permit us to receive payment on your behalf. This means that we have to collect the full appointment and treatment fee from you and you will be reimbursed by your insurance provider. Please understand that we have no control and little input over the actions of your dental health coverage provider.

To help us process your insurance claim please provide us with the following:

  • Your insurance provider: plan (group, policy, firm) number and identification (certificate) number.
  • The policy holder’s name and date of birth.
  • The address of residence that is listed on your plan.

If you are a new patient to our dental office, please download, print and complete the new patient insurance form and bring it in to our office on your first visit. You could also scan and email the form to our office email at

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