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Dentist Services at Altitude Dental

Dentist services at Altitude Dental in Coquitlam include oral conscious sedation, bridges and dental implant procedure, inlays, onlays and veneers, periodontal disease treatment, oral surgery, and so much more.

Dr. Daniel Vaida, has specialized training in oral surgery and as a periodontal dentist and has more than 17 years of experience and training as a dentist. Dr. Vaida and his team are local community members focused on providing the best dentist services in Coquitlam for over 10 years. We understand how to help you achieve optimum oral health. Your visit to our Coquitlam dental clinic will ensure that you receive the dentist treatment that you need.

Oral Health for Overall Health

Your teeth need to last your lifetime: they work hard each and every day - they need to be strong and healthy and look good.  Ensuring that your mouth, gums and teeth are healthy and well maintained, helps you to ensure the overall health of your body.  In fact, your mouth (teeth, gums, tongue, and palate) can be an early indicator of underlying health issues, such as potential for heart disease or oral cancer.  Maintaining good oral health will contribute to a healthier body.

Our Approach

At Altitude Dental, we work with you and your family to develop good oral health habits and focus on dental hygiene for your lifetime. If dental conditions arise that need to be treated carefully and promptly, we will provide the necessary treatment and expert consultation to help you resolve these health issues.

Our dentist services include dental bridges - both full and partial, temporary and permanent; crown procedures; onlays and inlays; dental veneers; composite fillings; root canal therapy; mercury free dentistry; dental conditions related to periodontal disease, dental implants, oral surgery – including wisdom teeth extraction, cosmetic dentistry, teeth straightening with Invisalign, specialized mouth gear for night guards, sports guards and/or orthodontic retainers, and more.

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