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Dental Crown Procedure

Coquitlam’s Altitude Dental

What is a dental crown? A dental crown procedure is used to protect a damaged tooth, add strength and durability. Dental crown cost varies depending on the types of dental crowns used and the size and formation of the crown. A crown or a "cap" is a covering for a tooth. Crowns can also be used as a cosmetic dentistry element to improve the overall look of a person’s smile.

There are primarily two types of dental crowns. Most crowns today are made from porcelain for a more natural appearance. The shade of the crown is matched to your current tooth shade or can be made lighter if you are planning to whiten your teeth. Crowns can also be made of gold.

What are the benefits of a crown?

Patients have crowns placed on their teeth for various reasons. We recommend crowns:

  • To provide strength and stabilization to a tooth that has received a root canal.
  • For teeth with large amounts of decay – and that are cleaned or hollowed out to remove the decay (which leaves a more fragile tooth in need of the support of the crown).
  • When there are signs of breakage due to clenching or grinding of teeth.
  • For broken or fractured teeth.
  • When patients want a more pleasing smile and the existing tooth is pitted or not well formed.
  • When a partial denture is placed.

What does a dental crown cost?

The cost of the crown procedure is directly related to the work that needs to be done to prepare the tooth and the area, and is based on the type of crown material (porcelain or gold) used. We will provide a cost estimate for you, and your dental health care insurer if you have covered by a dental plan, prior to beginning the work.

What is the dental crown procedure like?

Preparation, fitting and placement of a crown is a two visit process.

During the first visit we remove any damaged tooth structure, build up any missing parts of the tooth (core build up) and remove any damaged gum tissue. If the tooth has undergone a Root Canal surgery or treatment then we may need to place a special fiber glass post inside the core of the tooth. This helps to stabilize the tooth and forms an anchor for the core build up material. The tooth is then prepared to allow a crown to fit over it. Once the tooth is prepared, we take impressions of the tooth, from which our laboratory will custom-make your crown. A temporarily covering is placed over the prepared tooth while the laboratory is making your final crown.

At the second visit, we remove the temporary covering and place the permanent crown over the prepared tooth structure. If the shape, fit and color are correct then the permanent crown is cemented into place.

What is it like after I get my crown?

Following your crown placement, the tooth may be slightly sensitive for one to two weeks. This is the result of the work done in that area. Afterward, we have been told that some patients say that they feel more confident with their new crown when eating, smiling and talking.

How long will my crown last?

Will it need any special care?

A crown covers the portion of the tooth that is above the gum line but you must protect the base of the crown from future bacterial growth and gum disease. Brushing, flossing and hygiene visits to the Altitude Dental office on a regular basis will ensure your oral health and help to keep your crown for many years to come.

If you think you need a dental crown or if you need to have a dental exam, please contact our Coquitlam office to book an appointment.

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