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Dental Exam for a Swollen Cheek

A cheek can become swollen for a number of reasons.

A dental exam is necessary for a cheek that becomes swollen for undiagnosed reasons. Dr. Vaida of Altitude Dental may find that the swelling is a result of teeth grinding, tooth aches, a cracked tooth or trauma, such as a sports injury or car accident, that needs treatment.  It is important to seek dental or medical attention before taking medication.  Swelling is a symptom that something is wrong – and the area around the swelling may be tender or painful.

Sometimes your cheek can swell slightly after dental treatment – this is the result of work done in the area – however the swelling will reduce relatively quickly and usually is not painful.  Sometimes your cheek can swell due to excessive grinding or clenching of your teeth; that swelling is often around the jaw joint area and can spread up to the ear.

Some swollen cheek causes are:

  • Trauma, such as a sports injury or accident
  • Infection
  • Allergic reactions
  • Abscessed tooth (if your tooth aches for any reason, make an appointment for a dental exam)
  • Side-effects from medication
  • Grinding or clenching your teeth

Visit Your Dentist

It is best to see a dentist or medical professional when you first notice swelling in your cheek – an early assessment can make the dental care program more effective.   Contact us to make a dental appointment with Dr. Vaida of Coquitlam’s Altitude Dental.

Revisit Your Dentist or Medical Professional

  • If the swelling doesn't subside within a couple of days
  • If there is pain present and it seems to be increasing
  • If the swelling is increasing
  • If swelling has occurred and there is no reason for your cheek to be swollen.
  • If the temperature of the cheek is hot or cold

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