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Good Oral Health Care

Do You have a Bump or Lump in Your Mouth?

Good oral health care includes understanding the bumps and lumps that can occur inside your mouth. If you have dental health issues, contact Coquitlam Altitude Dental for an oral assessment. Your mouth is complex and at times you may find some bumps or lumps inside it. There are always reasons for these bumps – some are not issues to be concerned about (they will heal on their own) but if you see something in your mouth that causes you concern, then it causes us concern too. We believe it is better for you to come in and have a quick check then to worry and wonder about your oral health.

Examples of Common Bumps and Lumps:

  • A blocked saliva gland
  • A canker sore that can be caused by one of a number of issues (such as stress, allergies, immune response, nutritional deficiency, etc.)
  • A raised mark from where you bit your cheek or lip
  • A burn mark from eating something that was too hot
  • A thin white line on your cheek called linea alba - this is usually caused when people suck on their cheeks

Oral Health Care Information

When we do an oral assessment and look inside your mouth we look at all the different bumps and lumps that might be in your mouth. We are making sure that they are things that are manageable by oral care and not more serious, or underlying, issues. We are focused on diagnosing the health of your mouth and providing you with oral health care information that enables you to improve your health and wellness.

If you have a bump or lump in your mouth that you feel is unexplainable and/or unmanageable by regular oral care, then please contact us for a dental appointment so that Dr. Vaida can assess your mouth and address your concern.

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