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Electronic Patient Records

Coquitlam Family Dental Clinic: Altitude Dental

Electronic patient records and computer based charting enable us to manage patient data in a secure environment. Altitude Dental keeps accurate records of your visits, insurance and financial information.

The way information is handled in dental offices has evolved. We have a secure computer chart for each of our patients. With computer charting, your dental history at our office and other patient information that is entered is dated and saved. Plus our computer based charting system allows us direct access to your x-rays and intraoral pictures.

Computers and two large computer screens are located within each of our operatories or working spaces.

In addition, the use of computers and computer-based patient record keeping has enabled us to:

  • Reduce paper usage and waste.
  • Print out prescription forms – which allows the pharmacist to clearly read the form.
  • Securely back up our systems to protect your personal information.
  • Access information necessary for your dental treatment plan.
  • Improve patient care and communication.
  • Process online insurance forms to help you receive your treatment on schedule and more efficiently.
  • Process online insurance payments.
  • Receive electronic information from specialists, other dentists, insurance companies, and you.
  • Send electronic information to other dentists, specialists, insurance companies, and you.

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