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An Intraoral Camera Provides a Digital Photograph of Your Mouth

We can see in your mouth and now you can too!

An intraoral camera provides us with detailed images of your mouth, allowing us an excellent view of the dental health issue. Altitude Dental uses the best available technology to provide you with the best dental treatment.

Photography in dentistry has come a long way. We use digital cameras to capture images both outside and inside of the mouth. These images allow us to look in detail at the area that needs treatment.

In our family dental clinic, each of our operatories (or working areas) is equipped with its own intraoral camera. The cameras are connected to the computer and, once taken, the image is downloaded immediately and displayed on the computer screen.

Key advantages to Intraoral Cameras

  • Full screen images of the tooth, or teeth, needing treatment.
  • Intraoral images show cracks or fractures, chipped teeth, and areas where the tooth or filling has broken down.
  • Full screen images can be enhanced and will allow us to zoom in on areas that require a close-up view – this improves our diagnostic quality and supports our dental treatment planning.
  • We are able to send the images electronically to dental specialists and insurance companies.
  • The ability to see the image immediately, and while you are still in the dental chair, enables us to plan the necessary treatment right there and then.

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