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Sustainable Office Management - Going Green

As technology changes it allows us to become a more sustainable practice.

Sustainable office management is a priority for our family dental clinic in Coquitlam. At Altitude Dental, we use digital x-rays, digital cameras, and are committing to reducing paper and managing the patient health record electronically in our office. Our decisions for our practice management always consider sustainability as a key consideration.

Digital Radiographs

  • Reduce radiation exposure
  • Eliminate waste chemicals and lead-backed film
  • Improve efficiency and record keeping
  • Improve patient education

Digital Cameras

  • Eliminate waste chemicals
  • Improve efficiency and record keeping
  • Improve patient care, communication and education
  • Improve communication with Insurance companies

Patient Health Record - Computer Based Clinical Charts

  • Reduce paper usage
  • When possible, use recycled paper when paper is required
  • Waste reduction
  • Securely backed up to protect personal information
  • Electronic patient records improve patient care and communication
  • Process online insurance forms to help you receive treatment quicker
  • Online insurance payments

We are focused on simplifying our processes, being aware of the impact of our decisions and purchases, and following best practices for sustainable office management in our family dental clinic in Coquitlam.

Altitude Dental – come see our modern, sustainable dental office and book your dental appointment with us today.

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