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Our specialists are highly compassionate and professional in dealing with patient’s dental health.

you deserve a smile you can be proud of!

Altitude Dental is a Full-Service Dental Clinic

We offer a wide range of dentist services in Coquitlam

Dental Crowns

Improve the look of your smile! Add strength and durability to your teeth with a porcelain or gold dental crown.

Dental Bridges

Close the gap between two teeth with a dental bridge, Dr. Vaida's speciality. Support your jaw, improve biting and chewing, and improve your smile.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Do you struggle with anxiety or phobias related to the dentist? Do you experience pain or discomfort when the dentist works on your teeth? Oral sedation can help you.

Root Canal Procedures

You may need root canal surgery or treatment if the nerve of a tooth is damaged. Let us help with cracked teeth, decay, stress or tooth trauma, or an old filling.

Children's Dentistry

Are you looking for a dentist for your kids? Oral health for children is important from an early age. Dr. Vaida specializes in working with children and families.

Specialized Mouth Gear

Dental night guards, sport mouth guards, or othodontic retainers. Dr. Vaida can assist you to get fitted for what you need.

Onlay and Inlay

At Altitude Dental, we work on tooth restoration that best fits your specific needs. When a tooth needs repair and a filling or crown is not enough, we can help with an onlay or inlay.

Mercury Free Dental Procedures

Dr. Vaida is a mercury-free dentist. At Altitude Dental, we are committed to healthy dental practices, including the safe removal of amalgam fillings, and new composite resin fillings.