Your teeth need to last your lifetime: they work hard each and every day – they need to be strong and healthy and look good.  Ensuring that your mouth, gums and teeth are healthy and well maintained, helps you to ensure the overall health of your body.  In fact, your mouth (teeth, gums, tongue, and palate) can be an early indicator of underlying health issues, such as potential for heart disease or oral cancer.  Maintaining good oral health will contribute to a healthier body.

A healthy mouth and beautiful smile that lasts for your lifetime is our ultimate goal, and yours.  Starting a practice of oral health early is key to achieving this goal. Dental health is often one of the first items we put aside in our busy lives. Many people understand the basic oral hygiene tips of daily brushing and flossing but delay regular dental check-ups and hygiene cleanings because their teeth feel fine.

Cavities and gum disease are two medical conditions that can occur without any warning signs. Preventative services, such as recall dental exams and hygiene cleanings, ensure that your oral health is maintained with minimal cost on small and safer procedures and avoid more invasive and expensive treatments.

If you are having teeth pain or need a dental assessment, contact our office for a dental appointment. Coquitlam’s Altitude Dental has professional, friendly and caring staff to help you have the dental health you need and want. Or read more about other dental services available at Altitude Dental.