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Sport Mouth Guard

Specialized Mouth Gear

A sports guard or a mouth guard is worn during any athletic activity.

A specialized mouth guard is absolutely necessary protection for your teeth, or your children’s teeth and mouth, when playing sports.  At Altitude Dental in Coquitlam, we custom make and fit a dental mouth guard that will provide you with protection and comfort when playing sports.   Buying off the shelf mouth guards from a sports store or drug store is certainly better than not having a guard at all but you will find that a custom made sports guard is typically worn more often because the fit is correct and comfortable.

Sports, such as rugby, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, waterpolo, football, are physical enough that during practice or while playing the game, the face can be hit and, if unprotected, your teeth or mouth can be damaged.  On the other hand, a custom designed rugby mouthguard, designed and fit by a dentist, can provide maximum protection for your teeth, mouth and jaw.

Mouth guards are especially important if you have braces or extensive dental work. A hit on the face can damage orthodontic brackets, orthodontic appliances and expensive crown and bridge work.

Mouth guards act like a cushioned barrier between the teeth and the cheeks and lips. This limits the risk of soft tissue injures. A mouth guard will also help you to avoid chipped or broken teeth, or even tooth loss.

Mouth guards do not prevent damage from clenching and grinding and are not to be used as a night guard (those are specialized pieces that we can also fit for your teeth and mouth and provide).

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