A digital radiograph or dental x-ray system uses a sensor to digitally transfer your teeth image to a computer. The advantage is the immediate transfer and accessibility of images by Altitude Dental.  This allows us to use those images immediately in planning your dental treatment. We are also able to increase or decrease the size of the image or zoom in on one spot of the image to focus in on any problem areas.

Having the ability to take a digital radiograph or dental x-ray of your teeth is one of the leading advancements in the diagnosis of dental health today.

Key Advantages to Digital X-Rays

  • By using digital x-rays we are able to decrease the radiation exposure by up to 90%.
  • Fewer x-rays are taken. We can see the quality of the x-ray as soon as it is taken, eliminating the need to re-take images that previously wouldn’t have been usable.
  • Images are more easily examined on a large computer screen, enabling us to see any treatment that may be needed more clearly.
  • We are able to show you your x-ray images on the computer, allowing you to see and understand any dental issues that may be presented.
  • Digital x-rays can be sent quickly and directly to your insurance company via email, rather than through the post office, that could often be a lengthy process.

At Altitude Dental, we use digital radiographs exclusively.  We have two specialized sensors that enable us to take images within the mouth.

Panoramic X Ray

We also have a digital panoramic machine that allows us to

  • take external images (a panoramic x ray) of the entire mouth;
  • program the machine to view the sinus cavity, a single tooth from seven different angles; or
  • take an image of your jaw joints.

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