Teeth whitening is a common procedure – there are many different processes to use for whitening your teeth. Make sure to ask a dentist if your teeth (especially if you have crowns, fillings, implants, some veneers, etc.) are good candidates for teeth whitening – because you don’t want to have a patchwork quilt of bright white and ‘old white’ teeth.

What is the best teeth whitening process for your teeth?  Over time, our teeth turn a yellowish color – giving us an aged look that most of us don’t really want.  As a cosmetic dental clinic, we work to remove your teeth stains and whiten your teeth. Before we can pick the best teeth whitening process we need to assess your teeth, gums and discuss the white colour that you want to achieve.  In today’s world, teeth whitening is a fairly common process and it’s possible to get whitening products at grocery stores and pharmacies.  But the best result for teeth whitening is often at the dentist’s office.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

Over time our teeth turn a yellowish color. Some of this is related to our age (and therefore the age of the teeth) but there are other factors, such as the foods we eat, the impact of some medications, the base shade of your teeth, and the intensity of colour (e.g. red wine can have an impact). Your teeth may have a base shade of yellow, orange, pink, blue or grey and that can have an effect on the result from over the counter teeth whitening products.

It is important not to compare the whiteness of your teeth with someone else’s. The only way to tell the colour of your teeth is by the use of a shade guide that is made for teeth.

What are whitening products made out of?

There are many whitening products on the market today. A list of ingredients is found with each product. With each product either Hydrogen Peroxide is used or Carbamide Peroxide. The only difference between these two products is that Carbamide Peroxide processes at a slower rate and changes into Hydrogen Peroxide. Both produce the same results and there is no noticeable difference in sensitivity.

What ways can I whiten my teeth?

  • In office: a concentrated whitening solution is placed on your teeth by a dental team member. The cost includes the in-office whitening plus a set of whitening trays with whitening material to use at home. There are two appointments needed. One to take impressions of your teeth and to apply the in-office whitening solution and the second to give you your whitening trays and to go over the at home procedure. The average cost is $350.00
  • At Home: a semi-concentrated whitening solution is placed in trays that have been made specifically for your teeth. There are two appointments needed. One to take impressions of your teeth and the second to give you your whitening trays and to go over the at home procedure steps. The average cost is $250.00
  • Whitening strips: May get your teeth one shade lighter if used repeatedly. The results depend on the strength of the strip and the shade of your teeth. Cost varies per product and per store.
  • Whitening toothpaste and Mouth rinse: helps keep away surface stains. The results vary and the cost is dependent upon the product.

When should tooth whitening not be used?

  • If the enamel on your teeth has eroded away.
  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • If you have extensive decay.
  • If you have periodontal disease
  • If you have excessive gum recession.

Whitening your teeth will be ineffective on teeth with fillings, crowns and bridges.

How much whiter will my teeth be?

It is best to visit the dentist prior to any whitening procedure to determine which whitening product is best for you. Our dental clinic provides services as a cosmetic dentist Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, Burnaby, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and beyond.  We understand that you want to have a smile (and teeth) that makes you happy.

The level of whitening depends on your teeth – and how they absorb stains and how they react to whitening agents. Many factors such as eating habits, smoking, drinking, the existing shade of your teeth and how closely you follow the steps to whiter teeth determines your overall outcome.

Will I have to whiten again?

Yes, if you wish to maintain the whiteness of your teeth – teeth will age or yellow over time – that’s natural!  If you maintain your teeth with good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.

Maintaining teeth whitening results is a challenge for most of us. The cost of professional teeth whitening can be high but we offer a continuing Brighter Smiles Whitening program for our patients.

Our Brighter Smiles Whitening Program: What is it?

We feel that each of you deserves a smile that you can be proud of. We are excited to offer this elite program to our patients. The Brighter Smiles Whitening Program includes a complimentary touch up kit (a $30.00 value) of whitening solution two times per year at preventative hygiene visits.

We believe that maintaining recommended hygiene care appointments and receiving necessary dental treatment helps to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Many of our patients who visit us on a regular basis for preventative hygiene visits and who receive recommended treatment, spend less money on dental care (on average) than those who wait until a problem occurs. Often those who wait until there is a problem have irreversible damage to their teeth and gums.

Teeth Whitening Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody and Beyond

We provide dental services and cosmetic dental work to patients in the Greater Vancouver area, including our location in Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and other areas.

Program Details and Requirements

  • Patients must be 16 years of age or older (patients from 16 to 18 years of age must have parent’s permission);
  • Existing patients who are currently maintaining, or would like to maintain, their regular preventative hygiene care appointment;
  • New patients who have completed an initial hygiene cleaning, x-rays, doctor’s exam and who have pre-booked for their next hygiene appointment;
  • Patients who have completed the minimum amount of necessary dental work as treatment planned by Dr. Vaida.

We ask each person participating in the Brighter Smiles Program to adhere to three simple lifetime maintenance rules to maintain the tooth whitening results you want:

  1. Keeping your preventive visit and treatment as planned by Dr. Vaida and our Hygiene team.
  2. Keeping your teeth healthy by treating decay as needed.
  3. Keeping and complying with our policies regarding financial accounts.

Participate in the Brighter Smiles Whitening Program

To participate in the Brighter Smiles Whitening Program it is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

  1. Talk to one of our staff members to see if you qualify.
  2. Agree to maintain the Brighter Smiles Whitening Program Policies & Regulations.
  3. Sign the Brighter Smiles enrollment form.

Disclaimer: Altitude Dental, its doctors and staff have the right to refuse program offer if deemed necessary based on patient health conditions, misuse, abuse, or any other factor deemed necessary to void offer. Minimum gum and teeth health are required to receive this professional service – dentist tooth whitening.

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