Oral health for kids is important and it is also important to start from an early age. Dr. Vaida of Coquitlam’s Altitude Dental specializes in working with children and families.

Whether you are looking for a baby dentist or a dentist for children, starting your child’s education on oral health is a good first step.

As a father himself, Dr. Vaida puts the importance of children’s oral health at the forefront. It is so important for children to value their oral health and find comfort at the dental office at an early age. We make it a fun experience, which allows us to show the child how to take care of their teeth easier than a parent can.

Even if your toddler or child seems unsure about coming in for a dental appointment, we have many fun techniques that can work to make them comfortable. We recommend the first visit to just be an introduction to the office and the staff. Have them come in and “get to know us”. Even if we don’t get a chance to look in their mouth, if they leave the first visit happy, we consider it a success.

Start with the Right Dentist for Children

Finding a dentist for children is the first step – you need a dentist that understands and works with children.  And an environment that supports babies, infants and young children.  The Altitude Dental team and Dr. Vaida have the experience and the knowledge to work with children and families on good oral health habits.

Introducing your child to a family dentist at an early age is important – you will help your child get comfortable with having someone work in their mouths.  Children are more accepting at an early age before they learn to fear the unknown.  We recommend (and the Canadian Dental Association supports this recommendation) that children visit the dentist after the appearance of the first baby tooth.

Many parents wonder about this early visit since baby teeth are replaced in later years by permanent teeth – the importance of good dental care for primary teeth is to minimize the risk, and impact, of poor dental hygiene on the permanent teeth.  Children, and parents, need to learn how to take care of their teeth from an early age.  It’s important to start the dental health process early and to allow young children to grow comfortable visiting the dentist and getting to know our dental care team.

We will provide you with advice about teeth care, diet and recommend the right oral care products for your child’s specific needs.

Dental Health for Kids – Make it a Habit

Start the habit of brushing and flossing teeth even before the teeth come in! Yes, that’s right. You do this by rubbing a clean, soft cloth along the upper and lower gums. This helps your baby with teething, and also starts teaching the process of good oral health for kids.

When your child has developed a number of teeth and is old enough to help with brushing, make sure that you ‘take turns’ – your child brushes for a minute or so, and you finish up. Young children are not able to do a good job cleaning their teeth until they are older.

Discuss the necessity and importance of fluoride treatments for your child’s oral health care.

Have your dentist for children apply a dental sealant for protection on the molars when they are full ‘up’. This will protect the molars from cavities in the years ahead.

Starting good oral health care routines early on will result in healthier teeth later in life! Read more about how you can prevent tooth decay in your child’s mouth here.

Contact our office for a dental appointment – Coquitlam’s Altitude Dental has professional, friendly and caring staff to help you have the dental health you need and want. Or read more about other dental services available at Altitude Dental.