Oral health for kids is important and it is also important to start from an early age. Dr. Vaida of Coquitlam’s Altitude Dental specializes in working with children and families.

Whether you are looking for a baby dentist or a dentist for children, starting your child’s education on oral health is a good first step.

Most important: teach your child how to brush and floss correctly and encourage that behaviour on a regular basis. With infants, parents need to do the brushing and cleaning but it’s important to demonstrate to your child the importance of this dental health procedure.

Bringing your child for regular dental visits allows us to support the at-home oral health care routine that you have with your child and ensures that you and your child become comfortable visiting us and learning how to be involved in the dental care process. These visits are essential in establishing areas of concern for both parents and the dentist – we encourage questions and discussion.

Are you looking for a dentist for your children? As a father himself, Dr. Vaida puts the importance of children’s oral health at the forefront. Book an appointment today!