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Canker Sore Treatment

Coquitlam Altitude Dental Can Help

What is the best canker sore treatment? An assessment by your family dentist, Coquitlam’s Altitude Dental, is often the best solution for treating the swelling or ulcers inside your mouth. Canker sore causes include trauma, stress, poor dental hygiene and more.

Canker sores or ulcers inside the mouth are not usually a serious medical or dental problem however they can be painful and irritating and, if you find that your mouth is not healing properly, then you need to have your dentist look at your mouth and assess what needs to be done to help it heal.

What are Canker Sores?

Canker sores are small, white swellings or ulcers that form inside the mouth and can be painful and irritating.  They appear on the inner sides of the cheek but they can also appear on the tongue, the lips or on the gums. Canker sores appear suddenly and often leave suddenly. A canker sore can last between four to twenty days depending on the location, severity and treatment of the sore.

What are Canker Sore Causes?

Canker sores are the result of nutritional or hormonal imbalances, poor oral care and hygiene, biting the inside of your cheek or irritating it with a toothbrush, a chipped tooth or a rough tooth filling, or if you wear a retainer or orthodontics sometimes a sharp edge can cause swelling. Other causes include stress, fatigue, immune issues (for example, HIV related infection or a reaction to bacteria in the mouth), or allergies.

How long does a Canker Sore last?

A canker sore can last between four and twenty days, and will often take an average of 10 days to heal. Certain foods will irritate the swelling and may result in a longer time to heal. Toothpaste that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) are an irritant for these ulcers and hard bristle toothbrushes can also irritate a canker sore.  If your tongue is constantly pressing on the sore or you bite the swollen area you can extend the time period.

What are the best Canker Sore Remedies?

Canker sores heal on their own - to help them heal faster you can use an over-the-counter canker sore product that will help reduce the sensitivity of the sore.  Also check your toothpaste to see if it contains SLS – if it does, ask your pharmacist for a SLS-free toothpaste.

If your canker sore is not healing well, or is taking more than 10 to 20 days to heal, call our dental office to make an appointment for Dr. Vaida to take a look at your mouth and assess the ulcer and the rate of healing.

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